There are not too many berries today as we were almost picked out yesterday!


WEEKENDS: 9 am – 3 pm

Entrance Charged on arrival:

Adults: R 40/person

Pensioners & Children: R 30/person

Berries Picked: R 130/kg (including bucket)

No picnics or dogs allowed


We have a veld farm bicycle track for older children, bumpy and rough with ramps, lots of fun, come and try it out! Bring protective gear.

For the little ones we have a scooter track next to the jungle gym, with a tunnel and bumps.

We are wheelchair friendly.


Updated 24/03/2019 @7h00

THE FIELD BERRY FARM LOGO transparent round

Google Location: The Field Berry Farm

37 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi just a quick question, how many buckets that are full are generally 1kg in weight?
    Trying to establish how much you get for R130?
    Also do you sell frozen berries also?


  2. Hi
    I see at the top of the main page it says no picnics but in a few of the comments its mentioned that we can bring a picnic along. Could you kindly let me know if picnics are allowed as I’m not 100% sure.
    Looking forward to coming by!


  3. Hi. Is it R40 for entrance and eating what we want for that price. Or extra for eating on premises. I see you sell at R130 pkg.


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