26 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good morning,

    I just would like to be sure hours and dates on the top of this page are for this year.
    See you on saturday.


    1. Hi Monadia, there are always fewer berries at the beginning and end of the season. You can wait but apart from the berries, we have a wonderful new venue with excellent food stalls, a jungle gym for the children and a relaxed atmosphere for a great family day out.


  2. Hello, are you open during the week in the July holidays? Are there any berries to pick at this time of year? Thank you!


    1. Hi Phillipa. No the berry season is over. We do open the first weekends of every month when you can bring a picnic, buy our frozen berries and we have bicycle tracks for kids. The next weekend is 30th June & 1st July.

      Hope to see you!
      The Berry Team


    1. Hi Preanka, we only have frozen berries now, out of season. We are open on Saturday and Sunday, you can bring a picnic and buy frozen berries and products. The Berry picking season will start in January!
      Hope to see you
      The Berry Team


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